Sadie / Border Collie

Name: Sadie


Owner: Suzanne M.

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Border Collie

Likes/Dislikes: Likes going everywhere with mom and playing with anyone who will play.  Pet-Peeves: Does not like to share with Cisco!

Favorite Toy: Frisbee

Favorite Treat: Bully Stick

Favorite Walk: Loves ALL walks!

Best Tricks: Wave, Spin and Open the Crate.

Arrival Story/Bio:

Sadie is a sweet biddable border collie but has hypersensitivity to movement.  When taking walks she likes to head off cars.  She also likes to herd small fluffy dogs.  She remembers every house where she ever saw a rabbit or a kitty and starts pulling when we are within 50 feet of that area. She practices classic BC lock-eye and can have stare downs with brother Cisco for as long as 30 minutes. We are hoping we can redirect her with training when she get intense in the herding mode.


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