Semmi / Rhodesian Ridgeback

Name: Semmi


Owners: James & Jessica

City: Glendale, AZ

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Likes: Semmi loves his stuffed Gator, marrow bones, wrestling with dad, LOVES playing keep away and tug of war, the lake, cuddling (sometimes!), and bringing us the mail! Semmi’s pet peeves are getting his nails trimmed; it makes him ornery!

Favorite Toy: Semmi’s favorite toys are Gator and his stuffed pumpkin “Punkin”, he loves chicken breasts for treats and he loves to run and play Frisbee!

Best Trick: “shake”, “give ten”, “speak”

Arrival story/bio: Semmi came to us after 9 long months of waiting for his litter to be born in Eastern Kentucky.  He and his litter mates were born on February 8th 2014, which is the same day that we moved to Arizona.  He flew out to us just in time for James’ birthday on April 7th and has been a focal point of our family life ever since.  Jessica and Semmi have grown closer day by day and have become the best of friends.  We all lead an active lifestyle and can be found walking, running, hiking, swimming, and playing together.  Semmi loves hiking Deem Hills West and Thunderbird Park mountain and was able to reach the summit by just 4 months of age.  He is now approaching 9 months of age and at 90 pounds is still 100% puppy.

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