Shiloh, German Shepherd Dog

Shiloh Foss-Sutherland

Name: Shiloh

Owner: Patti Foss-Sutherland

City: Peoria, Arizona

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Likes: Shiloh LOVES to run, and chase a ball, and run, and swim, and did I mention she likes to run? Shiloh says her pet-peeve is when the rabbits sit right outside the window of the den in our home. They taunt her by sitting completely still even when her nose is pressed against the window and she “booofffs” at them. (A “booofff” is different from a “bark”.)

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Shiloh’s favorite toy is any ball (tennis, Kong) that she can retrieve. My arm gives out throwing a ball long before her legs give out running after one!

Best Tricks: Shiloh’s new trick is to run and jump off the edge of the pool after her floating retrieving toy. Hmmmmm – can anyone say “dock dog?”

Arrival Story/Bio:

Shiloh is four years old. We got her when she was about six months old. At that time she was all black except for some brown on her legs. Shiloh is a registered therapy dog (as are my other dogs Dakota and Dudley). We volunteer for Hospice Of The Valley in the “Pet Connections” program and currently make weekly visits to 11 patients. She has always been a very energetic girl. Her nickname is “Squirrel” (reminds me of a scene from the movie “Up!”). Shiloh likes to rearrange/re-place things….every morning when I wake up I find she has removed my washcloth from the bathtub and placed it somewhere else in the house. Shoes and magazines are not excempt from her attention. If they are left in the living room, she will simply re-place only one of the shoes outside (usually after chewing only one of the plastic tips off the end of a lace). I think the magazines are re-placed outside so she has something to read as she soaks up a little sun during the day. Shiloh has received her Rally Novice title from the A.K.C. and has one of the three “legs” needed for her Companion Dog title. She can’t seem to get the other two “legs” that are required — The “Squirrel” has a little trouble in the obedience trials during the long-down exercise. In two shows she got up to follow a Bernese Mountain Dog around the ring and once decided to stay in the down position but did a complete circle while watching a moth (which flew up out of the grass in front of her and flew around her). Ahhhh….we LOVE our “Squirrel” even though she drives us nuts!!!

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