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Training an Assistance Dog

By Toni Drugmand as part of  the e-How video series Assistance dogs provide a specific service for their handlers which enhance the quality of the handlers’ lives, giving more freedom and independence to the individual. There are three types of Assistance Dogs: Guide Dogs – for the blind and the visually impaired Hearing Dogs – […]

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How to Teach Water Entry

This video shows how to teach your dog to get in the pool calmly and without panicking. All the dogs shown in this video are trained with the Sit Means Sit method and have a strong foundation and understanding of the remote collar. #1 Make sure your dog has an understanding of “Place” #2 Walk […]

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How To Teach the Under Command

Toni  with Jessi Colter’s Red Fox Lab, Cowgirl, at Paradise Valley Mall showing the step by step process of teaching the Under command. Under is very useful because it allows you to go out in public with your dog but have him/her tucked safely out of the way where he can’t be tripped over or […]

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