Taz the Pit and Brother, Rocky the Boxer

 Name: Tazz

 Owner: Nancy Viscichini

 City: Phoenix, Arizona 

 Breed: Pit

 Likes/Dislikes: Likes Running & Barking. Dislikes Being Still & Quiet!

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Anything Works! 

Best Tricks: Down 

Arrival Story/Bio:  

Valentines Day we got the call about a fostered pit that was being displayed at Petsmart.  We had lost our pit of 13 years just 6 months before.  My husband was in the drivers seat.  If he liked her we’d keep her.  I stayed in the car while he met her.  When I went to see what he thought, he was signing the paperwork to bring her home. Taz is a personality to be appreciated.  She is independent yet loving, hard hitting yet sweet.  When we get on the agility course, I expect she will make state champion in no time.  She works hard and plays hard.  So glad she is part of our family.


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