Dog Aggressive Agility Dog!

Jolly can now compete at NADAC without aggression toward other dogs.

When I adopted Jolly he was a high energy, reactive BC (Border Collie) who really needed a job. We started agility training and it was a good fit for him. He was a fast learner and did well.

His only problem; he was still reactive to other dogs.

We were now competing in shows and disaster struck. Jolly did not touch but did show aggression towards other dogs at several shows. This was enough to disallow us from doing NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) shows unless we received some serious social training.

Competitors and trainers alike directed us to Toni  Drugmand as the best source for this.

They were correct as Jolly is now a different dog. He is 100% better with other dogs and even less fearful of people.

After six months, Toni gave Jolly a series of tests and then wrote a letter to send to NADAC.

We are now back in the game, getting Q’s and more importantly, getting along with all the other dogs.

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