Victoria, Gracie & Shadow

Gracie & Shadow


No miracle story here.  Just a happy tale about two adopted dogs – one from the pound and the other from a busy young nurse who no longer had time to care for her year-and-a-half old cockapoo.  There were no aggression or destructive behavior issues, just a total lack of manners.  Now, because of the education and training that Toni and her highly skilled staff have made available to us, both Shadow (a Siberian Husky mix) and Gracie (the cockapoo) promptly and eagerly respond to commands, and my relationship with both dogs has blossomed into a bond that is truly a gift.  We are a very happy 3-pack!  I must admit also, that I love the compliments I get on how polite and well mannered my dogs are when we’re hiking or just walking around the neighborhood – or when guests come to our home to visit! 

-Victoria C.
Scottsdale, AZ

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