What is Remote Collar Training?

Toni's dog "Stuff," performing a sit, stay.

Toni's dog "Stuff," performing a sit, stay.

Toni Drugmand is certified with honors as a remote collar specialist in Arizona. The remote collars we refer to today are collars that allow you to handle a remote hand-held device that emits a mild pulse of electronic stimulation under your control. It is a pulse that is very mild and can be adjusted up or down in strength.

Electronic dog training collars have been around since the 1950s. Modern advancements and evolving technologies have seen these training tools improve immensely over their earlier relatives. Some of our greatest advantages when training with this tool is there is no arguing with your dog, nor raised voices. You will no longer have to pull hard or jerk on your dog’s neck through a leash to get his attention. You are able to make adjustments through your remote collar if necessary, but there is no yelling required or allowed in our training programs. This training system becomes not only immediate, but also non-personal or threatening to your dog. He feels more in control of his own actions as he learns to gain self-control around temptations and understand what you want him to learn. Your dog learns to come back when called, almost from his first training lesson, and your ability to gain off leash control is almost instantaneous.

Along with our training program we feel remote collar training is a valuable tool and helps our students gain immediate results over imperative pet issues such as: learning to come when called, not running out the door, chasing cars and knocking over people. Many other behaviors are addressed and solved quickly such as biting the kids, for puppies and chewing, barking or digging problems.

Modern medicine today uses many EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulator) therapies. Today’s remote collar features can be compared to modern modalities in the physicians world most commonly understood as pain control therapy to aid and enhance the healing of injuries. These more modern electronic devices are familiar to anyone having used a Ten’s unit chiropractic EMS, or other forms of electronic muscle stimulation for acupuncture treatments. Less familiar to the general public are the human studies that show effective treatment with electrotherapy for anxiety and for enhanced learning. These are not painful treatments and science shows the value of this technology.

Amazing, safe, gentle and effective are the comments most often heard from our hundreds of satisfied clients. Our training approach teaches our clients how to quietly and effectively get the dogs attention. The remote training collar that adjusts easily allows us to individually help set our communication line up so that we can be effective specifically for your dog’s needs in his given environment, which may change with distractions and outside stimulation factors. The instruction we provide to our clients to help them be as effective with their dog’s training as we are is among the greatest advantage allowing us a superior means of communication.

As more of the dog population is educated about the versatility of this training, we see the popularity of this approach to training rise. People discover they can have more freedom with their pets and bring them into distracting and public places knowing they have a controlled and obedient pet. Police canines, K-9 search and rescue trainers and service dogs for the disabled are beginning to increase in numbers as these training tools help them reach faster results and attain higher standards for their specific needs. The positive attributes the remote training collar gives us with proper training are endless. It truly makes learning easier on the dog.

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