Yvonne & Roscoe

More good news.

I was out in the front yard this morning with Roscoe while I was talking to a repairman. I could see Roscoe’s attention move to something down the street. I looked up to see a cat way down the block. Roscoe took a few steps in the general direction of the cat, then I said “come”. He turned around and came right back to me. He didn’t even tug on his leash and I didn’t even have to press the button on his e-collar. All I had to do was speak the word and he actually obeyed, immediately yet!

Do you know how huge that was for him? In the past he wouldn’t have been able to resist a distraction like a cat. He would have just gone tearing off down the street on his own.

All 3 of the dogs seem to watch me more closely than they use to and to pay attention to my every move and word. Can it be that they’re actually starting to regard me as the pack leader? I’m feeling like we’ve moved to a whole new level of training. I can even walk the pit bull along the fence outside the dog park and he’ll stay right by my side, even though the dogs in the park are running along the inside fence barking like crazy at him. Use to be he’d run over to the fence and bark and act very aggressive.

This is way cool!

Surprise, AZ

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